Setting the Stage

Ninja Plans officially launched on November 8, 2015. When we built the site, we had no clue if people would even use it. For a while it functioned well and then, as more and more people began using it, our awareness of its shortcomings became painfully obvious. To put it succinctly, the Ninja Plans site was built for the moment, not the future.

Over the past 2 years, every element of our growth has far exceeded our expectations of what we thought we would become. With thousands of resources contributed from our network of passionate educators out of the spirit of collaboration, the number of users on our site is about to surpass 10,000! In that same time, having delivered nearly 120,000 downloads, we learned a lot about what our limitations as a fledgling site were—and the promise that a better product could offer to you, our valued user.

For the past year, we have planned, revised, toiled, knocked down, built up, knocked down again, fortified, designed, and built a NEW Ninja Plans that we are proud of. We are getting set to launch this new site and could not be more excited to share a preview of some of the changes with you today!

Completely Redesigned Website

We have left no stone unturned in our redesign of the Ninja Plans website. Every detail has been painstakingly considered for your browsing enjoyment.

Every page was built from a mobile-first perspective. Ninja Plans will function flawlessly on each of your mobile devices and desktop computers.

Screenshot of the new Ninja Plans landing page
The NEW Ninja Plans landing page

New Ways to Find What You Need

Screenshot of the new Ninja Plans resource filtering options
Find resources via a wider assortment of filtering options

With a focus on resource-first content delivery and improved user experience, we have added an assortment of filtering options to help you find what you need faster. Included is the ability to filter by:

  • grade
  • subject
  • unit
  • resource type (such as lesson plans, bulletin board ideas, etc.)
  • language
  • audience (like pre-k, elementary, etc.)
  • cross-curricular connections (such as thinking critically)
  • additional considerations (like holidays, character education, etc.)

We have also implemented a powerful new search feature that falls just short of reading your mind!

The new user dashboard presents you with many useful elements, including recently saved items, featured users, recent downloads, and more.

Other notable changes include a more in-depth control panel where you can control what you share and with whom, adjust your communication settings, and set default controls for many different aspects of the website (which translates to far less clicking and re-clicking for you when you try to find what you're looking for).

Screenshot of the new Ninja Plans user dashboard
The NEW Ninja Plans user dashboard

Moving On Up

Screenshot of the new Ninja Plans 'love' feature
Give resources and users that you find helpful some

We have done away with the rating system and replaced it with a positive-first attribute that allows users to give love to resources and users that they have benefited from. It keeps our community kind and eliminates the possibility of poor ratings.

All New Additions

The NEW Ninja Plans website offers you the ability to assess your students on-the-fly from any desktop computer or mobile device and track display their performance visually on demand.

You can drum up an instant report of a child's strengths and areas for growth, keep anecdotal notes, and see a system-suggested term and year grade for each student based on their actual performance throughout the year.

Screenshot of the new Ninja Plans assessment module
The NEW Ninja Plans student assessment module
Screenshot of the new Ninja Plans student analysis module
The NEW Ninja Plans student analysis module

The Countdown is On!

We hope that you are as excited for the new site as we are! We cannot wait to launch it and get your feedback on the new experience.

Stay tuned to for more information.

As always, thank you for your continued support!