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Contributed by hundreds of teachers just like you, the resources on Ninja Plans help educators to save time, discover new ideas and improve their practice.

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Ninja Plans makes it easy to upload your teaching resources and share them with other educators. You help your peers benefit from your perspective and can receive constructive feedback, if desired.

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When set, your resources will be shared with every user on Ninja Plans—all 12,117+ of them. Talk about exposure! Sharing with everyone has the most positive impact on the teaching community at large.

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If you would prefer, you can share your resources only with users who are verified as working at the same school district as you. This option is great for those circumstances where you want to help others but also want to adhere to a specific district policy.

Share with no one

Want to use Ninja Plans as your professional storage system but are hesitant to share with others? You can opt to share with no one and keep those files to yourself.

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Help others

New teachers account for 37% of Ninja Plans users. They are looking for quality resources that help them better understand curriculum application.

Benefits collective group

Instead of keeping that great idea all for yourself, help us help others in their pursuit of better education practices.

Saves time

Reinventing the wheel shouldn't be a requirement of teaching. Using classroom vetted resources helps to significantly save time.

Improves own practice

With each contribution, you have the opportunity to receive peer feedback helping to improve your own practice.

Inspires others

Hearing different perspectives and seeing unique ways to implement curricular outcomes can inspire your colleagues in amazing ways.

Catalogues and archives content

Dust off those file cabinet gems and store them in a place where they are readily accessible and properly catalogued.

Impresses others

Everyone likes to receive recognition for their hard work. Sharing on Ninja Plans opens the door to some serious teacher brownie points.

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As we are all well aware, sharing is caring! Boost your feel good tingles by adding your resources.