Sharing and discovering the easy way

Ninja Plans started out as an easy way to share curriculum-aligned teaching materials and discover like-minded educators. Within two years of our launch, we grew to a community of over 10,000 users thanks to social media and word-of-mouth referrals.

Since our inception, we have worked to develop Ninja Plans into much more than just a resource sharing site. Our most recent addition is our Assessment platform, which allows teachers to record assessments for their students on-the-fly (or at a later date) and graph the results of each child's progress with the press of a button.

During the 2018-19 school year, we will be developing several other teacher tools: a Planning tool that simplifies the process of writing long range, unit, and lesson plans while helping to keep track of curricular outcomes; an education-focused Blogging platform that encourages teachers to be reflective and supportive of one another while sharing tips and tricks from the classroom; and an Inspiration Gallery that will be an incubator for new ideas, sharing, conversation, and motivation to teaching staff—all powered by educators like you!

Our start

Ninja Plans was created in the fall of 2015 by a small group of passionate Alberta teachers.

With the sole purpose of uniting Educators in a user-friendly, cost-effective way, teachers and homeschoolers can share resources and discover new ideas from the comfort of their homes or classrooms.

Knowing the struggle that many teachers have with coordinating high-quality teaching materials that can be trusted the first time—and every time—they are used in class, Ninja Plans serves to narrow the gap for Educators. This site strives to connect all who share a common passion and interest to give their students the best education there is to offer!

From humble beginnings… The first Ninja Plans website. (circa 2015)

Going forward

We have a mission to make Ninja Plans the number one teaching resource site in Canada.

We understand that this is a lofty goal. There are many great teaching websites already on the market, but we believe we have a clear advantage in our unique organization construct—we are a group of educators (first) who have some skills in computer coding. This means that we intimately know the industry that we are programming for. We understand the complexities of teaching and what is needed for and by teachers at large.

Our ever-growing professional learning network and user base of loyal, helpful teachers from around the country (and beyond!) ensures our reach continues to extend beyond our wildest dreams.

As Ninja Plans grows, so too does the support of it from the movers and shakers in the education world. Principals, school districts, superintendents and universities are increasingly adopting our platform and encouraging their staff to contribute and collaborate.

Our founders

Angie Barron, B.Ed.

Over the last decade, Angie has taught and administrated in schools around the world—from England to South Korea to Ontario and now Edmonton, Alberta. She was a lead technology teacher for numerous schools and brings her wealth of experience and varied interests to the Ninja Plans team.

Sheldon Durstling, B.Ed.

Sheldon is an elementary school teacher with a passion for technology and computer programming. He has worked in the technology sector since 1998, helping businesses from around the world become more efficient and cost-effective. He is the chief programmer of the Ninja Plans website.