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    La Grande Paix de Montreal - Graphic novel project

    Students will be grouped to depict the Montreal peace treaty - the before, during and after.

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    Magnetic Field and Magnetic Force: material challenge, grade 2

    Students work with a variety of magnets to predict/test whether or not magnetic force can pass through the item (yes). Afterward, they can challenge themselves to find the "limit" for each material and type of magnet. This also reinforces the magnetic strength of each magnet since the answers will vary. Designed for ELL to help with instructions.

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    Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing

    30 multiple choice questions with a bonus

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    My Family Tree Project

    This is a two-part family tree project. The first component is the cover and actual tree, PRINT ON 11'x17" PAPER. The second component is an 8-page information booklet. This project is a great starting point for grade 5 Social Studies Unit 2: Histories and Stories of Ways of Life in Canada. It is primarily a TAKE HOME project as much of the research information lies with parents and other relatives. As family make-up and the changing nature of today's families can be a sensitive area for some students, ensure you do careful before instructions. You may wish to cover topics such as step-families, adoption, and unknown relatives beforehand. Many students do not know blood relatives and may choose to do their adopted or step families.

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