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    Coding Constellations with Sphero

    Students will research and select one constellation, chart it and use critical thinking skills and the sphero app to program the sphero robot to take the path of the constellation.

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    Light and Shadows Final Exam

    It has most of the outcomes except: Demonstrate the ability to use a variety of optical devices, describe how they are used, and describe their general structure. Suggested examples include: hand lens, telescope, microscope, pinhole camera, lightsensitive paper, camera, kaleidoscope. Students meeting this expectation will be able to provide practical descriptions of the operation of such devices, but are not required to provide theoretical explanations of how the devices work.

    Long Range/Year Plan
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    Grade 5 curriculum map

    Recent grade 5 curriculum map

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    Comprehension Multiple Choice Exam - Sideways Stories from Wayside School

    29 multiple choice questions and 1 written question

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