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41 Cause and Effect Science Experiments that Explore Characteristics of Matter

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What are the Characteristics of Matter?
Molecules. States of matter. Melting and boiling points. Cohesion and adhesion. Surface tension. Density. See a transformation in your students as their interest is piqued with this engaging resource! Scientific Discrepant Events is a full teacher resource that works to educate students using the principle of cause and effect to explore the factors that influence weather in a way that hooks them from the moment the lesson begins.

What is a 'discrepant event'?
A scientific discrepant event is the result of an experiment that goes against what students expect to happen and thus provides an open-ended question to stimulate student thought. Discrepant events are an invitation to science inquiry, allowing students to view themselves as scientists in the process of learning. Students are immediately intrigued by what they have seen and become active, engaged participants.

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