I Wish My Teacher/Admin/Counsellor Knew... Slips for Students/Staff

Use these slips in your classroom as a way for students to tell you things, especially if it is bothersome or difficult. I have included a few different styles for different uses. There is not a spot for their names on a few so they do not feel compelled to write it if it optional.

This idea comes from Kyle Schwartz, who taught third grade in a school with a high population of students living below the poverty line. This simple act gave students a voice to share their experiences in a safe way that allows them some control over what happens with the information. This is a tool for building relationships with students - please do not force them to share if they are not ready.

Select page you want to print, the slides have been already scaled for 8.5x11 paper in landscape mode, you will get 2 slips per page.

USE 1: Share the instructions with your students prior to giving them the slips. If you do this whole class, make sure to tell them that they do not have to write anything - don’t force them into sharing.
USE 2: Leave the slips and the instructions some place safe in your classroom for access. Leave a box or container with them for students to safely submit the slips. Tell students that you will check at the end of every day/week.
I have NOT provided the option for the teacher to “keep it to themselves” as this can become very problematic when students share incidences of abuse/trauma and the proper authorities need to be notified or involved. Please be very careful and refer to your administration or appropriate sources of support if you encounter students who are at risk of harm.

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