Social Studies 8 - Renaissance Unit Final Project

Used in Social Studies 8 - Renaissance Unit as Final Project.

This is a super fun activity for students that really gets them thinking about the Renaissance and all that they have learned. Students choose 3 words that they think encompass the worldview of the renaissance and then find images that help them support those words. They create a poster for the classroom of this information and then explain the relevance of the words they have chosen. Once the class has completed all their posters, they complete a "Gallery Walk" where they compare their words to their classmates. This leads to some amazing discussions between students during the walk and afterward when we discuss as a class.

Students LOVE this assessment and often ask to do a variation for other units/subjects. The engagement level is very high and can be used for all levels of learners. It is amazing for ELL and Learning Difficulties as well. Especially as the final output of analysis can be written description or oral discussion for assessment of learning for students.

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Type Project
Language English
Grade(s) 8
Subject(s) Social Studies
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