Social Studies 8 - The Aztec and The Spanish - People of the Sun PPT

This is a powerpoint of some of the information for Chapter 7 - People of the Sun from WorldViews: Conflict and Change (Pearson).

Note - I also show the History Channel Documentary "Engineering an Empire: The Aztecs (narrated by the original Robo Cop - Peter Weller, himself a historian) along side some of this information. It gives a good introduction to the Aztec peoples and the Unit itself.

In the Powerpoint, a section regarding Human sacrifice is, of course, included. A link to a YouTube clip from the Mel Gibson directed "Apocalypto" is attached. While this movie does explore the Mayan Civilization, it is similar in this practise to the Aztec. Please PREVIEW and gauge your audience as to whether it is appropriate for your students.

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