Spring Colour/Color by Number: Cree Language

Learning new Languages is so important! Especially languages we are at risk of losing. I am blessed to teach with some fantastic Cree Elders and incorporate the Cree Language into my teaching daily. I have created this resource so you can too!

This Spring Colour by Number will help your students learn their colour words in the Cree Language.

*Disclaimer: This resource contains a language Indigenous to North America. Cree is a complex language with many different dialects, and as such spellings of words vary depending on the community, location, and even Elder you speak to.

The Cree spellings in this resource are from an Elder local to the Edmonton, Alberta, Canada region, in Treaty 6 Territory and are the spelling taught to students on local First Nations Reservations.

The spellings in this resource may not reflect the spellings you are familiar with, or that are used in your location.

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